Why Is Preventive Dental Care Important?

Why Is Preventive Dental Care Important?

Preventive dental care involves regular maintenance of our oral health. It also includes visiting the dentist and keeping regular dental appointments. The logic behind this is that prevention is better than cure. Practicing preventive dental care safeguards people against dental health problems in the future.

There are many reasons preventive dental care is important

  • It is important to note that brushing teeth in the house is not sufficient to keep teeth clean. Occasional professional cleaning is equally important to remove stains that a regular toothbrush is not able to. Dentists can also take care of plaque that has begun to build up without causing further damage to the teeth.

  • By practicing preventive dental care, people learn the proper ways of maintaining good oral health as well as the best practices and tools that one can make use of to achieve good oral health. A dentist will also advise on the frequency of brushing, which is at least two times a day. Some also mention what you should and should not eat to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Diets rich in calcium and low on sugary foods discourage the formation of cavities. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and alcohol consumption, on the other hand, encourage cavities. Any dentist will advise that you should let go of these habits as they affect dental health.

  • People should go for dental health checkups at least twice every year. This ensures early detection of dental health issues, which means early treatment. Doctors are also able to monitor any conditions affecting the teeth and gums and can advise on further solutions when the current treatment is not able to resolve the problem. They have the expertise to test for undetectable conditions and state-of-the-art equipment that can easily help to identify cavities and other teeth and gum diseases.

  • Preventive dental care also saves money. A person who visits their dentist when he or she is supposed to will end up saving more money than another who neglects to go for dental checks. Dental consultation fee and the cost of minor dental procedures is much cheaper than the cost of dealing with cavities, teeth extractions, and teeth replacement.

  • Poor oral hygiene can also lead to life-threatening conditions. Doctors have linked poor oral health to fatal conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Dentists can screen for early signs of oral cancer and refer the patient for early treatment.

  • Regular dental checkups can solve certain oral issues that affect people’s social life. One example is bad breath. Such a condition can cause a person to withdraw from people. However, when this person decides to see a dentist, he or she can get a solution to their problem. Within no time, the person can resume their social life and regain self-confidence.

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