Protecting and Preserving the Health of Your Smile


Repair of Decayed or Damaged Teeth- If your smile is streaked with decay or your tooth suffers from structural damage, our team can help. We offer a variety of procedures that target the structural imperfection, remove devastating decay or damage, and repair the integrity of heavily flawed teeth. Using dental fillings , dental bonding, inlays and onlays , dental crowns, and dental bridges we can improve the appearance of your smile in a natural-looking way and preserve the health of your tooth’s structure.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy- Root canal therapy, also called endodontic therapy, is the combination of treatments which address the damage of a tooth’s pulp. Root canal therapy is designed to prevent the future development of infection in the damaged tooth or spreading of infection to surrounding healthy teeth.


Preventive Dental Care- Dr. Wright takes preventive measures to protect the health of your teeth and gums, including installing sealants on your molars before they are affected by decay. According to the American Dental Association, patients should undergo dental cleanings twice a year in order to maintain a healthy smile. With all of the hard-to-reach surfaces of your smile and deep crevasses in between your teeth and gums, it is recommended that your dentist perform a thorough analysis of your mouth and oral cancer screening twice a year, and that your dental hygienist combat harboring plaque and cleanse your smile of harmful bacteria.


Custom Mouth Guards- Eagle Gate Dental offers custom made night guards and dental appliances for patients who suffer from TMJ disorder, snoring, or sleep apnea. As opposed to generic, store bought mouth guards, which can be ill-fitting, uncomfortable to wear, and negatively affect the composition of your bite, custom-milled night guards gently conform to the natural curvature of your smile, shift your jaw into proper place, and protect your jaw, teeth, and gums from experiencing more damage. Additionally, patients who suffer from chronic sleep apnea or uncontrollable snoring can benefit from our customized dental alliances as they can dramatically improve their ability to sleep soundly.

Periodontal Thereapy

Periodontal Therapy- If your gums are healthy, generally, the rest of your smile will look happy. In order for your gums to remain in optimal shape, we carefully cleanse the tissue pockets that reside bellow the gum line and the hard-to-reach regions of your smile, where plaque often resides.