How can Porcelain Veneers fix my smile?

Are you unhappy with the way that your smile looks? You aren’t alone. Most of us have at least one or two things that we would like to change the appearance of our teeth. However, some people are so self-conscious about their smile that they do anything they can to avoid showing their teeth. This can mean smiling with a closed mouth, covering their mouth with their hand and even avoiding social engagements altogether. This loss of confidence can go on to impact personal relationships and even your career.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to address those aspects of our teeth that cause us to feel concerned. There are many different treatments available, with one of the most popular being porcelain veneers.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are individual, tooth-shaped shells that are created from high-grade porcelain. Each is designed for a specific tooth in the shape, size, and color needed to improve the patients smile. These shells are placed over the natural enamel of the teeth in order to either cover imperfections, such as stains or cracks or to address other cosmetic issues related to your teeth. While many people just opt for a single veneer to address a particularly-affected tooth, others decide that they want to receive a full set of porcelain veneers so that they can totally transform their smile.

How are porcelain veneers applied?

Whether you are opting for a single veneer or an entire set, the minimally-invasive process is the same. Firstly, impressions will be made of your teeth, along with photographs taken. These will be used to plan your treatment and to design your custom-created porcelain veneers. These usually take around a week to ten days to make. Once they are ready, you will return to our offices to have them fitted.

First, your teeth will need to be prepared. This is done using a local anesthetic. Once this has taken effect, the teeth that are being covered with veneers have some of their natural enamel filed down. This enables the new veneer to fit flush without looking abnormally thick. Once we have checked that we are happy with the shape and size of the veneer, it will be secured in place using special adhesive. This cements it permanently to the front of your teeth. It is important to note that teeth that have had the preparation work for a veneer will always require a veneer to be placed onto them. This is because the enamel is not live and doesn’t regenerate.

How can porcelain veneers fix my smile?

There are a variety of ways in which porcelain veneers can fix your teeth and restore your confidence in your smile.

  • By covering staining and discoloration that has adversely affected the appearance of your teeth.

  • By preventing further discoloration since porcelain is highly resistant to staining.

  • By covering superficial cosmetic damage such as cracks and chips.

  • By closing small gaps between the teeth.

  • By making teeth more uniform in their overall appearance.

  • By giving you greater confidence in your appearance.

  • By enabling you to achieve a natural and beautiful smile.

  • By giving you long-lasting, sustainable results.

Porcelain veneers can transform even the most unattractive teeth, turning them into a grin that you won’t be able to help but share. If you are interested in finding out more about porcelain veneers, or would like to schedule an appointment to see if you are a viable candidate for this cosmetic dentistry procedure, please contact our offices in Salt Lake City, OH today.