Damaged Teeth: Are My Teeth Too Far Gone to Benefit From Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Damaged Teeth: Are My Teeth Too Far Gone to Benefit From Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

People fear visiting the dentist because of pain and shame. Dental procedures hurt sometimes. The condition of the teeth makes people avoid dentists. They fear being reprimanded for neglecting their teeth. Tooth decay and damages go from bad to worse. It is better to go as soon as you can.

There are a few situations where dental intervention does not apply. Even for cases where the teeth are extremely damaged, cosmetic dental procedures can save them. Sometimes, your natural teeth cannot last forever. However, cosmetic procedures make it seem as though you have your natural teeth.

What Causes Teeth Loss?

Sometimes, teeth loss is inevitable. Men have a higher chance of losing teeth than women. Periodontal disease is the leading reason for teeth loss. Cigarette smoking causes teeth loss as well. Some people lose teeth as a result of poor oral hygiene. If you have type two diabetes, you are likely to lose your teeth. Lactating mothers risk losing their teeth as well due to the draining childbirth process.

Post-menopausal women have also been recorded to lose teeth. Accident patients who experience traumatic injuries also lose their teeth. Sometimes, the dentist recommends teeth removal. Overgrown wisdom teeth are removed to create room in the jaw for other teeth. That being the case, many cosmetic surgery procedures can restore your smile after teeth loss.

Who Can Benefit From Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Everybody can benefit from cosmetic dental procedures. Even when your teeth are in perfect health, you can have a cosmetic teeth-whitening procedure. The procedures cover a variety of cases, starting from mild to severe.

Slight problems such as crooked and chipped teeth are fixed using veneers. These are thin porcelain shells used to cover up the problematic teeth. Cosmetic tooth bonding also helps to repair and improve the appearance of chipped and broken teeth.

Missing teeth are fixable with dental implants. If you have to lose a tooth, you don’t have to worry. Modern dental implants look and work the same as natural teeth. They are surgically implanted into your jawbone where the original tooth was removed.

Severe dental problems may be fixed using reconstructive dental surgery. This is where restorative dental surgery overlaps with cosmetic dental surgery. This applies to major cases where the patient needs extensive dental restoration. Accident victims who lose multiple teeth benefit from this. Patients with congenital oral defects also benefit from restorative cosmetic dental surgery. Problems with the jaw and the soft tissue in the mouth all fall under this docket.

As much as cosmetic surgery focuses on the aesthetic enhancement of your teeth, it also helps to fix problems. Most of the procedures help to restore function and boost your confidence at the same time. If you feel that your case is gone too far, it doesn’t hurt to go to a dentist and give them one last chance. In most cases, you will be surprised to find that the dentist has experienced more challenging cases.

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