Are My Teeth Too Far Gone for a Smile Makeover?

For some people, it can be difficult to make time for regular dental visits. The American Dental Association says that many people feel they need smile makeovers because of this. Over time, teeth may suffer from deterioration. By then, the patient becomes even more embarrassed to go to the dentist. If you want to find out if your teeth are too far gone for a smile makeover, here’s what you need to know:

Things to Consider

Dentists must examine your teeth and gums to determine whether you need a smile makeover. Below are some of the things that your dentist should consider:

The degree of dental damage

You can resort to a smile makeover depending on the number of damaged teeth that you have. If you only have one or two teeth that need repairs, the treatment will be simple. If almost all your teeth need repairs, the treatment will be more extensive. There are cases where the dentist could save some of the teeth. The others may be too far gone for a smile makeover.

Some teeth may have superficial damage, which would be easy to treat. Other teeth may have damage below the visible surface. Such damage can influence the dentist’s decision regarding the possible treatments. Be ready for lengthy dental restorations such as dental implant therapy.

The extent and type of dental damage

Your dentist’s decision to give you a smile makeover may also depend on the type and extent of your dental damage. The type of damage can be a factor in the dentist being able to save your teeth. As you know, tooth decay begins as a tiny dot that becomes worse and spreads. Decay leads to the deterioration and weakening of the entire tooth.

Periodontitis also begins as a treatable problem. If it worsens, it can cause irreparable damage that can affect several teeth. Dental injuries can also cause dental damage that extends to the deep parts of the tooth. This can cause tooth death. A smile makeover is in order for such extensive dental damage.

Considering the Options

You and your dentist must discuss the possibility of a smile makeover and whether your teeth still qualify. Your dentist will recommend the best option for your oral health, ensuring your optimal dental health now and in years to come.

Treatments for discoloration

Your smile makeover will involve teeth-whitening procedures. If you are suffering from terrible tooth sensitivity, traditional teeth whitening may not be for you. Instead, dental bonding, dental crowns, or porcelain veneers may be the most viable options. These do not involve whitening chemicals that can cause greater sensitivity.

Treatments for structural restoration

Teeth that have a great deal of structural damage may already have lost their function. Restoring both dental structure and function may take time, patience, hard work, and the right payment plan. Dental implant therapy or implant-supported dentures are a couple of options to consider.

A smile makeover is for everyone. You could even get it as a preventive measure if your teeth are still in good health. At Eagle Gate Dental, we give our patients high-quality dental care in the form of maintenance and treatments. You can visit our clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, for an in-person consultation.

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